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About Dr. Anjie

About - Marin Holistic Health & Acupuncture in Fairfax, CAAcupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine resonated with Dr. Anjie’s core belief that our bodies are innately able to heal and her mission to help people on a path toward better health.

Dr. Anjie’s passion for Chinese Medicine began at the age of seventeen, when she went to an acupuncturist for treatment and was forever changed by the results. At the same time, she started reading the book, "The Web That Has No Weaver" by Ted Kaptchuk and began the journey to learn all about Chinese Medicine. She continued her studies at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and received a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Anjie's practice is rooted in the principles of integrative medicine to optimize the patient’s health and healing process. Her decades of experience and education in both Western and Eastern Medicine afford her the unique ability to blend both philosophies and provide a truly holistic approach that is individualized and patient-centered care. Dr. Anjie is also a board-certified Registered Nurse (RN) with over thirty-five years of experience. She also spent six years working on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Crownpoint, New Mexico using her nursing skills to help patients in the Emergency Room.

She opened Marin Holistic Health & Acupuncture with the goal of providing an environment for patients to experience acupuncture, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, and herbal remedies or supplements to restore vitality and healing. Her objective is to find the root causes of a patient’s conditions and achieve complete healing.

Dr. Anjie is passionate about helping her patients obtain results. She is inspired by her patients’ stories toward wellness and feels honored to offer her guidance and expertise on their journeys. She has treated a wide array of conditions with her warm nature, gentle technique and depth of experience. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her patients and community and is always open to hearing your questions. Dr. Anjie looks forward to working with you on your journey to good health.


Marin Holistic
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is proud to be awarded with the California Green Business Network's Green Certificate for Marin County.

About - Marin Holistic Health & Acupuncture in Fairfax, CA
We walk our talk. Ask us how we've made our office an environmentally safe and green space for our patients and staff.  We will also help you make your own home and office a healthier place to live and work.  

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